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    August ’22 Release Notes

    August 4, 2020

August 4, 2020

August ’22 Release Notes

New Features Launching Soon:

1: Intuitive Template Builder

Cut your design time, by using prebuilt templates and a powerful drag&drop editor to create stunning landing pages that integrate seamlessly with your co-registration paths.

2: Customer Portal

Track all your domains & sites in one single interface. Manage your account and even deploy new sites with a single click.

3: Deeper Reporting

Report across your path steps, interrogate your databases, drill down into your question performance and get detailed monetization data at your fingertips.

Release Notes

Integration support added for:

  • Jornaya / LeadID
  • TrustedForm
  • Google Analytics
  • OneSignal
  • HotJar
  • Neutrino
  • Leadbyte


Selector is now available in admin interface. Display options are Admin Only / Public / Deactivated

Added default support for XML Sitemaps. Public pages are now added to the sitemap.xml file.

– May 20 Release Notes

Time flies when you’re adding features! Thanks to everyone that made UX & functionality improvement recommendations. Keep them coming we appreciate the input.


  • LOGOS IN PATH: You can now add images to every item, so you can display a logo / picture next to a question.
  • AUTO-SUBMIT: for Radio button questions the option has been added to submit to the Database when an item is selected, rather than waiting for page or form submit.
  • ITEM DUPLICATION: Option to duplicate items added, making it easier to clone questions/ items that have the same format.
  • REORDER STEPS / WORKFLOW: Steps can be reordered by dragging their tabs.
  • STEP CUSTOM PAGE DESIGN: The Page design can now be customized displayed for every step, overriding the default template for the path. This means you can do a custom branded page for each step.
  • ACTION ORDER: Actions on a path can now be re-ordered so that the sequence of actions can be changed.
  • ACTION TRIGGER: An option has been added to perform an action (such as trigger an API post) when a specific question gets submitted, regardless of which step it’s on.


New actions are no longer disabled by default.

New action types: 

  • REDIRECT TO URL: Instead of proceeding to next step, the user will be redirected to the specified URL.
  • SEND EMAIL: Requires the use of your own email sending service which should be configured in settings. Built in support for Mailgun, Amazon SES, Sparkpost and SMTP.

New “Repeat Action” options.

Previously an action was only repeated if the user followed the path through a different Page. 

  • Perform action every time
  • Never repeat for same user (based on email address)
  • Repeat only if different page (default for old actions)
  • Repeat only if different path

A new placeholder [cr_page_url] has been added that can be used in Remote URL. If you want to skip to a different step rather than the next one, for example you can use “/[cr_page_url]/step/9” as the remote URL.

New Action Logs page added to the side menu to be able to easily see what actions were performed recently.


  • Fixed Issue: newly added answers being in the wrong order or missing.

——————- March ’19 Release Notes ——————–

It’s been a pretty jam packed 3 months at coreg.HQ!  Our team has been hard at work onboarding new clients from the UK, Malta, Australia, USA, Switzerland and Macedonia!


We’ve released a number of new templates and will be adding these as standard in the setup libraries, enabling you to create new pages from the templates, swapping out your offer images and logos on the front end.

Mobile optimized responsive co-registration template from Coreg.Software
Mobile optimized responsive co-registration template from Coreg.Software

We’ve also released a number of improvements you may already have seen in your interface.

We completely redesigned the dashboard and launched the new look design, which shows you your performance at a glance, incorporating key stats on your home page.

Coreg.Software co-registration SaaS application dashboard showing submissions, reporting and key metrics.
Co-registration SaaS application dashboard showing submissions, reporting and key metrics

The Dashboard Highlights

  • Unique visitor history by day
  • Top Pages (30 day Performance)
  • System-wide submissions by day

Additionally, we’ve added an EXCEL REPORT EXPORT, which enables better granular data management.

To Export your Data, you can:

  • Filter by Page
  • Filter by Path
  • Filter by Predefined Date range
  • Select Custom Date Ranges


Returning User Tracking

Currently returning users are identified based on email / session ID / cookie and the stored data is updated.
You also have the option of setting a password for returning users, or prohibiting returning users from entering the form again.   They can be redirected to the exit page or a custom redirect page.  Ask us how!

LeadByte email Validation

We now offer email validation baked into the system at a fraction of the cost of many other vendors.  If you’d like to add real-time email validation, contact us for an API key.

Google Maps Integration

With our Maps-ready API all you need is an API key.  Your customer can start entering their address and let the API autocomplete and validate your address.

UK POST Address Validation

Another API baked into the system and ready to go.  UK clients can enter their postcode and autocomplete their address from the UK Post lookup table.

PS:  Coreg.Software isn’t just for coreg and survey paths.  If you’re building lead pages the old way or buying in coreg data you could be using coreg.software to build & monetize your own data at a fraction of the cost.  Ask us how.