Create your own
    COREG path
    & get more leads!

Coreg.Software is a hosted solution for Lead Generators, Ad Networks & Web Publishers.

Develop & launch lead funnels, coregistration paths, surveys & competitions in minutes.

Easily build your path with intuitive drag-and-drop question banks & post leads in real time.

No more messing with code or sudden changes with our simple easy to use hosted solution.
Build in Minutes

Creating a new co-registration survey, competition or giveaway shouldn’t take weeks or require development time. Go from concept to launch in minutes & run an unlimited number of paths & lead posts. 

Fully Customisable

Want to start with a ZIP entry or capture demographic data upfront?  Easy as drag and drop.  You decide your question flow, conditional questions and even at which point you sell your leads. 

Network Ready API’s

Lead posting nightmares are a thing of the past.  With an easy to use interface you can set up lead posting instructions and ensure the right leads are sent in real-time as your path is completed.  No more manual work! 

  • Within a week we were generating over $10K daily new revenue!

    - Jonathan Meanwell, OfferForge

  • Our subscriber base has gone through the roof.  I love coreg 🙂

    - Kirsty, Cashbag

  • …our consumer surveys are monetizing like never before…

    - Divan B., SACS

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